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Category : Little Corn Island – Nicaragua

Little Corn Island – Day 5

Today was Carolyn’s first open water dives as a certified diver. Meghan and I went out with her today and it was great. Looks like she is haivng fun. The second dive Meghan had to stay behind and work on her classroom stuff for her rescue diver certification. (She was not happy to miss a dive)

Little Corn Island trip – Day 4

Got breakfast done with and were off to the dive shop. First dive of the day was to Jake’s Place. Nice dive, some bicolor damselfish, a few Atlantic Spade fish and tons of Squirrel fish. After a brief (30 min) break when we were back at the dive shop it was on to the second dive of the day, and Carolyn’s last certification dive. This dive was called Turtle Rock –although we did not see any turtles! We did see a Sting Ray hiding in the sand, some grey angel fish and a huge 3.5-4 foot grouper. This was a fairly shallow dive with lots of bottom time. (63 min) We saw lots of fish and nice coral.

Little Corn Island trip – Day 3

Carolyn’s first open water dives today and our first dives on little corn. Our first dive was out to Stanley’s Reef, shallow dive, (as were both dives today, max depth 41 and 30 feet respectively). Had an issue with my underwater flash, it looks like the little slave flooded and is toast. I was able to come up with a work around, but it may need a little tweaking before I am really happy. First dive we saw a sting ray with a fish that was hitching a ride along top. The second dive was a mix of different fish, puffers, small sting ray, conch and of course some lobster.

Little Corn Island trip – Day 2

The day started out by having the power shut off at 5:00 AM. So it was an early morning. Found out later that is the usual time. I will have to adjust my sleep schedule accordingly.

Had breakfast at the hotel, we all had French toast, which was really good, but tasted a bit like bananas. We are thinking that it might have been banana bread it was made with, different but really good. The coffee was excellent, something to look forwarded to with breakfast. Six bucks for breakfast, including coffee, pretty good deal.

Little Corn Trip Island – Day 1

We were packed early and decided to leave @ 3:30 instead of 4. Good choice. We left the first time and got about 6 blocks from home and remembered that Meghan and I had not taken or Durkrol. So once we got that done we were on the road, well for 3 blocks, then Meghan remembered she had not packed a towel. Back home again. Ok we are on the road now, it’s 4:00 our planned departure time.