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Category : Little Corn Island – Nicaragua

Little Corn – Day 10

The other group of divers that is here went off to blowing rock today. That is a dive site that is about 1 hour away by boat.  We opted to do this dive on Monday, hoping the water will be a bit calmer. Our first dive today was a repeat of one of the dive sites we have already been to, the only difference is we were in their other boat and Carl was our dive master. (I think he […]

Little Corn – Day 9

Today started off with Carolyn banging on my door. “You have to come get rid of this HUGE bug in our room.” Meghan is in the room equipped with a styrofoam plate and cup -the bug is on the ceiling. She quickly shoves the plate and cup at me and says “Get rid of it.” It was a big bug, it was a cockroach, hell we are in a tropical climate, what do you expect. I flicked the bug outside […]

Little Corn – Day 8

Carolyn and I headed out for a dive site called Yellow Tail while Meghan started her confined water training. The dive was good; saw a nurse shark and a midnight parrot fish and a large school of barracuda. Our second dive was back at white holes again. This time we saw 4 nurse sharks, a sting ray and a few huge schools of smaller fish. Once we got back to the hotel we decided to go have lunch. Just as […]

Little Corn – Day 7

I was up early today, 5:30 or so. Read in bed till around 7 and then got ready for breakfast. I ate in the hotel restaurant today and had a nice leisurely breakfast and 3 cups of coffee, read my book and watch the people go by. I did not finish till around 9:15 or so. Went to the beach in front of our hotel today for the first time, had a swim and read on the beach till almost […]

Little Corn Island – Day 6

Breakfast at Rosa’s again. French toast for everyone. The first dive today we went out to a site called Jeff’s rock; another deep dive, 77 feet. Lots of nice coral, but the vis was not great.  Today was the first time Meghan got to try out her new underwater housing on her camera. The winds have started to calm down, so we were able to do our first dive on the east side of the island. A dive site called […]