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Scotland – Day 2

Today we were able to get in contact with Bill Dow. Bill is the father of one of our neighbours and I knew he was coming to Glasgow to see the pipe band competition. So after having breakfast off we went. Have I said that I will NEVER travel somewhere again without my portable GPS. It has made getting around painless. We were able to sit down with Bill and have get a good interview with him, and with a […]

Scotland – Day 1

Cathy and I started out for the airport about 8:15 AM and drove out to pick up Marianne at her place. It was great that Cathy could take the time off and deliver us to the airport! Once we had everyone on board, we headed for the airport, I misjudged the time as we were there about 9:45, our flight does not leave until 1:15, so I figured if we were there by 10:15, 3 hour early it would be […]