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Category : Gadgets and Technology

Social Media Monitoring tools

Just sat through a webinar on social media monitoring put on by Cison. It is pretty interesting the system they have to monitor social media. (pretty much everything except Facebook, which apparently does not allow monitoring of there site by outside firms) There system offers Monitor all forms of social media including blogs, top video and image sharing sites, forums, opinion sites, and Twitter with the ability to filter by country and media type Track the viral nature of each […]


So I got my first blu ray player last week. I was so stoked to see what it would look like on my 120 inch projection screen. First thing we did was rent the new Indiana Jones movie. Wow. The colour, sound and detail was fantastic.  It makes it seems much more like the real theater experience. I still have not played around with some of the other Blu ray features, but I will soon. Do now my Blu ray […]

Going deeper

Trying out Flock today. Just found out about it from someone at work. Seems pretty fast, based on the Firefox platform, but gives you just about all of the social network tools you could want.

Boldly going where no Blackberry has gone before

So I broke down last week and got the new Blackberry Bold. Can’t say I notice a huge speed increase on the Rogers 3g network yet, but the Bold is a thing of technological beauty. The screen is nothing short of brillant, sharp, bright and easy to read.  The change tin the email and web surfing is a vast imporvement too. Although the Bold still has a way to go to be truly a joy to web surf with, previous […]

Oh Kindle oh Kindle where for art thou

I had the chance to spend some time in the US a week or so ago. I was introduced to the Kindle. The Kindle is a electronic book reader – and it’s very cool. The electronic paper display is nothing like you see on your computer monitors, this screen is really easy on your eyes and the reader is not much bigger than a thin pocketbook. I also had a chance to look at the Sony Ebook Reader. Similar device […]