Oh Kindle oh Kindle where for art thou

I had the chance to spend some time in the US a week or so ago. I was introduced to the Kindle.

The Kindle is a electronic book reader – and it’s very cool. The electronic paper display is nothing like you see on your computer monitors, this screen is really easy on your eyes and the reader is not much bigger than a thin pocketbook.

Sony Ebook Reader
Sony Ebook Reader

I also had a chance to look at the Sony Ebook Reader. Similar device to the Kindle. (although the Kindle has some wireless built in to it that makes it easier to get your books)

The problem with the Kindle is that is is not available in Canada and Amazon does not know when it might be. (I think this may be due to the wireless technology that the Kindle uses and trying to get the CRTC approval for that may be a long wait – but that is another topic)

But the real problem with both of these devices is the cost of the books. The paper backs you can buy in Costco are only about 30 cents more that that electronic book. (Kathy Reichs Bones to Ashes on the Sony store ebook store is $7.19 USD and the same book on Amazon for the Kindle is the same price.) I paid $7.49 Canadian for the same book at Costco.

I read a lot, so if the publishers want to start selling more ebooks they are going to have to make it far more affordable for me to go out and buy a ebook reader and use it. I figure when the books get to the $5.00 range it will be worth my while to purchace a reader, but not till then.

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