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Friends can come and go through our lifetime. Good friends last longer. Great friends last a lifetime. I just finished having a excellent night with 2 friends who fall into the great category. People who you may not see for years, but after being together for 10 minutes it is like you are back 40 years and are bonded together again like there has been no loss of time. Friends are what makes each day something wonderful, and treasured. Take […]

Can we be safe – Horror on the Grey Hound

I read about a man who was sleeping an a bus traveling to Winnipeg today, while he was sleeping another passanger pulled a knife and gutted them man then decapitated his head. While I am sure that the knife attacker must be insane, part of me wonders when the Monday morning (or in this case Friday morning) quarterbacks will come out asking what the other passengers were doing when the attack was going on. I hope not, they have been […]