Boldly going where no Blackberry has gone before

So I broke down last week and got the new Blackberry Bold. Can’t say I notice a huge speed increase on the Rogers 3g network yet, but the Bold is a thing of technological beauty.

Blackberry Bold (9000) example photo

The screen is nothing short of brillant, sharp, bright and easy to read.  The change tin the email and web surfing is a vast imporvement too. Although the Bold still has a way to go to be truly a joy to web surf with, previous Blackberry owners will see a vast impovement.

And the things Blackberrys are known for, email and calendaring are superb.  Switching from my old 8800 to the Bold was a snap – took me less than 1/2 hour to make the switch. Motorola, take note.

The 3g may not yet grab me, but the speed of everything else the Bold does is amazing. Functions that took 5 seconds to do on my 8800, (make previous messages open for example) are done in less than a second.

And the camera is outstanding. Excellent tone range and quality for a phone camera.

iPhone or Blackberry Bold? If you do a lot of email, go Bold, if you want to surf the web, iPhone.

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