Little Corn – Day 9

Today started off with Carolyn banging on my door. “You have to come get rid of this HUGE bug in our room.” Meghan is in the room equipped with a styrofoam plate and cup -the bug is on the ceiling. She quickly shoves the plate and cup at me and says “Get rid of it.” It was a big bug, it was a cockroach, hell we are in a tropical climate, what do you expect. I flicked the bug outside onto the garden area in front of their room, they were safe. But the bug lived, the maid was walking down the path wondering what all the kuffell was about and they had to show her the bug. The maid smiled, looked at it and stepped on it. Problem solved.

Carolyn and I headed out for our first dive in Tarpon Channel and Meghan got ready to finish her rescue diver. Our dive was not outstanding, the vis was poor and not lots to see, except for huge (over 40+ feet) coral formations, they were pretty cool.

After returning from our first dive I realized I had lost my room key. I had it in my pocket, and I thought I put it in my beach bag, but I think it is floating somewhere on the other side of the island right now. (It was on a wood keychain) I did not let the hotel know yet, as I was holding out some hope that it was on the boat somewhere.

Our second dive was to Little Rock. Meghan got to join us on the boat ride out, but not on the dive, she had to do 2 rescue scenarios. This dive was much better, lots of interesting fish to see, Queen Trigger Fish, Smooth Trunk Fish, lots of squirrel fish and some Queen Angels. Meghan got a short fun dive in too and she saw a turtle.

Once back to the hotel, I reported my key lost and we all went for lunch together. Meghan had to eat in a hurry as she had to go out on the afternoon dive for her last 2 rescue scenarios. That should be it for her, after today she will be a rescue diver!

We went to Rosa’s again for dinner, just cannot beat the food for the price and the people are really nice. After dinner I headed off to bed and Meghan and Carolyn went to the other side of the island where there was a beach bonfire planned. (I found out the next day it was sort of a non event) They came home and went off to bed.

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