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Little Corn to Big Corn – Day 14

We were up early and were the first on the dock for the Panga to Big Corn Island. I came prepared this time with garbage bags for our carryon luggage so they would not get wet. Our trip to Little Corn Island was a total shower. We were dripping wet when we go off the boat and much of our luggage was wet too. (The carryon luggage was “fairly” dry)  This time the trip was almost smooth with very little […]

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Little Corn – Day 9

Today started off with Carolyn banging on my door. “You have to come get rid of this HUGE bug in our room.” Meghan is in the room equipped with a styrofoam plate and cup -the bug is on the ceiling. She quickly shoves the plate and cup at me and says “Get rid of it.” It was a big bug, it was a cockroach, hell we are in a tropical climate, what do you expect. I flicked the bug outside […]

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