Florence – The long day

I was up early today, 6:30 to be out of the apartment before dawn. I gathered my camera gear and headed up to the train station in hopes of getting a cab to take me to Piazza Michelangelo. There were a number of cabs at the train station and at this time of the morning and the traffic through Florence was very light. 9 euros later I was at Piazza Michelangelo. Just after 7 am and the sun was not […]

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Mexico Day 13 – Rain – lots of Rain

Today was a pool day. Well that is what we thought when we got up and headed that way. It was nice until about noon, and then the heavens opened; and it rained. Really really hard. Everyone took shelter under one of the pool huts and was going to wait it out. After all, it was still warm, just rainy. After about 30 minutes of rain, I decided to bail out and go back to the room. (I had my […]

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Mexico Day 7 – It’s hammerhead time!

Up really early today (5:45) to get to the ferry to go to Cozumel.  Cathy called the hotel concierge today and arranged for bagged lunches to take with us. We were not planning on having it for lunch, but breakfast as the restaurant is not open here till 7 am. After a quick coffee, we were off to the ferry, only to discover that the first ferry of the day does not leave till 8am., which is Ok as our […]

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Mexico – Day 4, Life at the beach

Up and off the beach; we started there and did some snorkeling on the beach.  I went off to the pool to do some reading and floating. Cathy, Simone and Ted came up to the pool about an hour later. Apparently I missed the topless women on the beach, (they were right behind us) Ted gave me all the details. The beach here is very nice, the sand is fine white sand that is very soft on the feet. You […]

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Little Corn – Day 13

Up extra early today as the boat leaves at 8:00 for Blowing Rock. It is about an hour boat ride to the dive site. It is suppose to be the best dive on the island(s). The second dive was much of the same for the first half of the dive. Lots of fish; near the end of the dive we saw a Caribbean reef shark, a logger head turtle, an eagle ray it was very very cool If you go […]

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