Mexico Day 7 – It’s hammerhead time!

Up really early today (5:45) to get to the ferry to go to Cozumel.  Cathy called the hotel concierge today and arranged for bagged lunches to take with us. We were not planning on having it for lunch, but breakfast as the restaurant is not open here till 7 am. After a quick coffee, we were off to the ferry, only to discover that the first ferry of the day does not leave till 8am., which is Ok as our […]

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Little Corn – Day 13

Up extra early today as the boat leaves at 8:00 for Blowing Rock. It is about an hour boat ride to the dive site. It is suppose to be the best dive on the island(s). The second dive was much of the same for the first half of the dive. Lots of fish; near the end of the dive we saw a Caribbean reef shark, a logger head turtle, an eagle ray it was very very cool If you go […]

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Little Corn – Day 12

Dove a new site today called Phil’s place. Deeper dive – 85 feet or so; nothing spectacular on this dive, pretty but a bit ho hum, I guess we are getting spoiled. The second dive was one we have done before called Yellow Tail. The difference today is that the buoy has disappeared and they were not able to drop us right on top of the site and our dive master could not find it. So it was a fairly […]

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Little Corn – Day 11

I was up long before Meghan and Carolyn, so I headed off for an “American Breakfast” at the restaurant, (2 eggs with cheese, bacon, toast and coffee) along with a large bottle of water. I was still not feeling that well and when I saw Carolyn I got a few more gravol off of her. I was hoping to be feeling better by the time the dive boat left. No such luck. I opted to skip this dive too, no […]

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Little Corn – Day 10

The other group of divers that is here went off to blowing rock today. That is a dive site that is about 1 hour away by boat.  We opted to do this dive on Monday, hoping the water will be a bit calmer. Our first dive today was a repeat of one of the dive sites we have already been to, the only difference is we were in their other boat and Carl was our dive master. (I think he […]

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