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Little Corn – Day 11

I was up long before Meghan and Carolyn, so I headed off for an “American Breakfast” at the restaurant, (2 eggs with cheese, bacon, toast and coffee) along with a large bottle of water. I was still not feeling that well and when I saw Carolyn I got a few more gravol off of her. I was hoping to be feeling better by the time the dive boat left. No such luck. I opted to skip this dive too, no fun diving when you are not feeling very good. (As well as not being that safe)

I went up to the internet café to upload the blog and photos while the girls were out diving, but I forgot, it’s Sunday and they roll up the sidewalks here on Sunday. Not quite, but many of the places are closed today. So it will have to wait till tomorrow.

In the afternoon we went for pizza at the local pizza place. They offer eat in, takeout and delivery, which is kind of weird because they don’t have a phone, so if you want delivery you have to go there and order it which kind of defeats the purpose. Anyway the pizza was very good.

Carolyn and Meghan decided to go snorkeling in front of our hotel, about 100 meters up the beach. (in front of the pizza place) They were surprised at how good it was, they even saw a nurse shark, while snorkeling, which Carolyn found rather disconcerting. Ok to see them diving, you should not see them snorkeling in 10 feet of water!

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