Venice, Day one Rainy and amazing.

This morning we ate breakfast at the hotel, contennial style which was included with our room. Vance and Vangie were up eariler than us so had eaten by the time we go there but sat and had another coffee while we fuelled up.

The result of Vance and Vangie being up before us was that they had gone exploring the area around our hotel. So when we left, they new exactly where to go to get our bus/vaporetto tickets. (A vaporetto is a water bus in Venice) They also knew where we had to go to catch the #6 bus. After a short 10 minute ride we were at the P. Le Roma vaporetto stop getting on boat #1. Boat #1 is the slow boat that makes all the stops along the Grand Canal enabling us to have a good look along the way._SER1319

As we got on board, we plugged in our iPods and listened to Rick Steves tour of the canal. This is what every tourist thinks of when they think of Venice. The winding canal with it’s ancient buildings right on the water. Seeing the rows of gondolas tied up, and other tourists taking a trip down one of the small side canals, beautiful.

We got off the vaporetto at the S. Marco – S. Zaccaria stop walked back to look at the Bridge of Sighs and then on to Saint Marks Square. We did not spend much time in the square, as we are doing a walking tour of this area on Monday. From here we ventured into the small streets to look at the shops and sights.

San Giacoma di RialtoAfter discovering San Giacoma di Rialto, a beautiful, small church just over the Rialto bridge we ventured off to find the hotel we will be staying at tomorrow. Apparently it is in a building that was built in the 13th Century. We found it, photos to come later once we check in. The hotel recommended a place to go for lunch so we headed off for a bit to eat.

After lunch we went looking for Peggy’s place. (Peggy Guggenheim’s Museum) We found it, but by the time we did we decided we did not want to spend the 12 Euros to go in. Maybe later. We walked on a bit further and came to the Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute. Which was breathtaking. Although I am sure pales in comparison to some of the sites we will see later in the trip, it was still jaw dropping.

By this point we call our selves lucky. The rain had mostly held off and we only had to use the umbrella’s a couple of times. We decided to head home. Once we got on the vaporetto stop going back the heavens opened up. We ran up to our #6 bus and grabbed a seat for the short ride to the hotel. Our luck held, the rain had almost come to a stop once we got off the bus. _SER1474On the walk back to the hotel, we stopped at the grocery store and bought some buns, cheese, meat, grapes, wine. (and caffeine free Coke for me) The wine selection was amazing. Huge. Really huge. And cheap. Really cheap. The most expensive bottle was about $13 euros.

We ate dinner, drank wine, (or Coke) back in our room, edited photos and talked over the day.We looked outside to see the rain coming down heaver than at any point today. It was a good day. Mostly damp, but not soaking wet. Incredible sites, great food and lots more to come!

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  1. sounds like it was a busy fun filled awe inspiring day. I went to a small exihibit in the Venician Casino in Vegas that was from the “real” Guggenheim in Venice — I do hope you get to go there – I was just blown away. At 13 Euro’s that works out to less than what I paid for a mini exihibit in Vegas!! Enjoy your time there — love reading of your adventures. Also looked up the MSC Splendita that you will be cruising on — OMG – it is beautiful.

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