Venice Day 4

Today we headed off to Saint Mark’s Basilica. We wanted to get there early as the line up can be very long. It opens at 9:45 so we wanted to be there just before then. Of all the good laid plans. We left the hotel in lots of time, but got side tracked because we had to go check out the fish market first. Then as we were crossing the Rialto bridge, Vangie and Cathy had an emergency case of […]

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Venice Day 3 – Murano and Piazza San Marco

Today we headed off to Murano after we had our breakfast and a quick stop at the Vodafone store to get my internet stick fixed up. Murano is another of the small islands close to Venice. It is mostly known for it’s glass work and glass making. Although not a pretty as Burano, Murano does have glass, lots and lots of glass. And if you like glass and are interested in glass stuff, then this is the place to be. […]

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Venice day two – Wow

We started out the day moving from our hotel in the burbs to our hotel just off the Grand Canal in Venice. We schlepped our bags to the bus stop and waited to get on. Along with 40 other people. We watched the first 2 buses go buy before we decided we would have to split up to be able to get on board. The third bus got Cathy, Vance and Vangie on board, all that was missing was the […]

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Venice, Day one Rainy and amazing.

This morning we ate breakfast at the hotel, contennial style which was included with our room. Vance and Vangie were up eariler than us so had eaten by the time we go there but sat and had another coffee while we fuelled up. The result of Vance and Vangie being up before us was that they had gone exploring the area around our hotel. So when we left, they new exactly where to go to get our bus/vaporetto tickets. (A vaporetto […]

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