Venice day two – Wow

We started out the day moving from our hotel in the burbs to our hotel just off the Grand Canal in Venice. We schlepped our bags to the bus stop and waited to get on. Along with 40 other people. We watched the first 2 buses go buy before we decided we would have to split up to be able to get on board. The third bus got Cathy, Vance and Vangie on board, all that was missing was the folks with the white gloves shoving everyone into the bus like sardines. I waited for the next bus. Good choice. Lots of room and I was not crammed in.

I met up with everyone else at the vaporetto station and we got on the #1 for our trip to the Rialto Mercato stop. Our hotel is located about 100 feet from the Grand Canal and about 125 feet from the vaporetto stop, right near the Rialto bridge. It’s a great location.

Our rooms were not ready yet, so we dropped our bags off and headed out for the day.

Our first stop was the Vodafone store to get sim cards for our cell phones and internet sticks for our computers. My stick did not work, hence no update right away yesterday. Oh well, it just meant another trip back here later.

We decided to go to the little island called Burano. It is known for it’s colourful buildings and lace making. It was jaw dropping. Anyone who comes to Venice must come to this island, it was spectacular.

We ate lunch here and had our daily gelato, then grabbed the vaporetto back to Venice. We headed back to the hotel to get checked in and ready for dinner. We decided to go to Al Faro’s place for dinner. This is owned by a friend of a friend. A friend of mine, Darla, knows the owner, Haitham, and Darla told us if we wanted the best meal in Venice (maybe Italy) we should go there. We asked for Haitham and introduced ourselves. We then told the waiter, feed us. You decide what we are going to have. Well it started with the wine. We ordered a bottle and a different bottle arrived. (I think Haitham had something to do with this one) It was amazing – and I’m not a wine drinker and I liked it! Then we had fish, sea bass and bonito. Which we split up among us. It was delicious. We topped it off by having some tiramisu for desert. The tiramisu was ALMOST the best that I have every had. (Darla’s is still a tinny tiny bit better – Sorry Haitham) Then we finished it off with a drink that was brought to the table (once again I think Haitham had something to do with this) it was ice cream, with wine and vodka, blended together in a consistancy slightly more liquid than a milk shake. It was terrific. A wonderful way to end our dinner.

We then walked back to the hotel where we crashed for the night. Oh by the way our hotel building was built in 1288 A.D. and restored in 1955. Our room is large, with 2 windows over looking  a courtyard. The only down side is it is on the top floor, some 62 steps up 5 flights of stairs. When we leave in the morning we make sure we have everything we want to bring. We don’t wan to have to do those stairs more times than we have to!

NOTE: I may only be putting photos up on Facebook for now. It is faster and right now my sleep is important to me!

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