To Orvieto, via Pisa

We made it to our train in Manarola with lots of time to spare. We were planning on catching the 8:30 train and we were in the station by 8:10. We had planned for extra time to take the stairs/ramp with our luggage, but it was much faster and easier than we thought. The train to La Spezia was uneventful, but when we arrived we needed to get tickets for the train to Pisa. We found out which platform the […]

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Last full day in Manarola

Today we started off going in different directions. Vance and Vangie wanted to try the upper hiking path to Corniglia and Cathy and I wanted to sit back and relax, read our book and vegetate. We hung around the apartment till around 1:00 waiting to see if Vance and Vangie were going to be back in time for lunch, but our tummies would not let us wait any longer. We headed down to find some lunch. We checked out a […]

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Manarola, Riomaggiore and Corniglia

Vance found a new way down to the main street of Manarola, it is much easier. Only about 70 or so steps and the rest was a long ramp. It made the trip down and up much less intimidating. The plan was to head to Riomaggiore and look around, then catch the train to Corniglia and look around, have lunch and then head back to Manarola. We started out by walking along the Via del’amore, which is a flat walk […]

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Manarola, Monterosso and Vernazza

We had not had time to get food for the apartment yet, so we headed down 217 steps to the main street of Manarola and searched out a place for breakfast. Right near the water we found this cafe that was serving breakfast fair. And Coffee, most important was coffee. After breakfast we headed for the train station to get our tickets to head for Monterosso. The plan was to go here, check it out and work our way back […]

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Travel Day

Today was to be our travel day. Florence to Manarola. We were up early to get to the train station, we were there early enough that Vangie and I were able to leave our bags with Vance and Cathy and go to a little shop to pick up some sandwiches for lunch. The train went form Florence to La Spezia, which Vance kept calling it La Senza, but there was not sexy lingerie when we got off the train. We […]

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