Last full day in Manarola

Today we started off going in different directions. Vance and Vangie wanted to try the upper hiking path to Corniglia and Cathy and I wanted to sit back and relax, read our book and vegetate.

We hung around the apartment till around 1:00 waiting to see if Vance and Vangie were going to be back in time for lunch, but our tummies would not let us wait any longer. We headed down to find some lunch. We checked out a few places before settling on a little restaurant near the bottom of the main drag. Unfortunately we could not get an outside table so were sitting just inside the door. The lunch was excellent, the best meal we have had in Manarola so far, and in the top 3 in Italy. They must have been pretty confident in their food, as they suggested you learn more about them on Tripadvisor.

Just as we were finishing our meal, Vance and Vangie popped in. They were looking for us in the village and saw my photovest from the street! So we nursed our wine while they ate their lunch. Cathy wanted to go up to the cemetery and check it out, then take the trail above it back to the apartment. Vangie wanted to join us, so we waited for them to finish and headed out. Vance headed back to the apartment.

We watch some of the swimmers when we got down to the water. Some were jumping off the rock, some off the higher rocks and one just trying to jump into the water from the pier. The pier jumper took the longest. It seemed no mater what her boyfriend said she was not ready or willing to jump in. After about 30 failed attempts and 5 or 6 minutes later, she jumped. There were about 15 or 20 of us watching, we all cheered!

We hiked up to the cemetery and looked around, it was kind of cool, but not as old as we thought it may be, early 1800’s. Then we tackled the stairs behind the cemetery up to the path. I swear you have to be part mountain goat to live here. But once again the sweat was worth it. The views are breathtaking, and for the first time since we have been here the ferry between the villages was running. It was just another piece to the scenic vista.

Once back at the apartment we chilled for a while, I had a nap, Vance had a nap, Vance, Cathy and Vangie drank some wine. (What a shock!) and we discussed what we were going to do for dinner. After not too much of a debate, we decided to head to the same place we had lunch. Good choice, dinner was even better than the lunch. The service was friendly, and a bit flirty with Cathy and Vangie, and over all a superb evening.

We headed back up to the apartment, and I tackled the stairs for the fist time. The bus was no longer running, so it was do the stairs or sleep in the village. To my surprise the stairs were no where near as tough as I though it would be. The ramp/stairs combo make it much easier. Once back in the apartment we started to get some of our stuff ready for the AM. We decided to catch the 8:30 train to La Spezzia and then connect with the train to Pisa. So off to bed.

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