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Last full day in Manarola

Today we started off going in different directions. Vance and Vangie wanted to try the upper hiking path to Corniglia and Cathy and I wanted to sit back and relax, read our book and vegetate. We hung around the apartment till around 1:00 waiting to see if Vance and Vangie were going to be back in time for lunch, but our tummies would not let us wait any longer. We headed down to find some lunch. We checked out a […]

Big Corn to Home – Day 15

We had to be at the airport by 7:10, so it was an early morning and breakfast. The continental breakfast that came with the room was a bit more substantial that I thought it would be – eggs, fruit, toast and coffee. Once breakfast was over Carolyn and I went to the office to settle the bill. Not that this was a really expensive place to stay, but I think our place on Little Corn was really cheap. This one […]