Mexico – Day 3 – Playa del Carmen

The plan for today was to get up early, have breakfast, make reservations at a couple of the ala carte restaurants and then grab a cab to Play del Carmen to look around.

Cathy’s favorite things to eat at the all inclusives are the omelets at breakfast, but this was the first time she was not able to finish one. Was it too big? No. Was it not tasty enough? No. Was it because Cathy, Simon and Ted went to the bar after last night’s entertainment show and had way too much Grand Marnier?  Bingo.

So she was really hung over a little under the weather for the first few hours of the day. (I must admit this is the first time I have seen her like this in a long long time.)

We were able to make reservations to the Grill for tonight and the Italian restaurant for tomorrow. We were set.

Now off to Playa were Ted and I discovered that almost every 4 shop had to be stopped in and looked at by Cathy and Simone. Ted and I came up with a plan. Walk ahead a block or two; find a place in the shade that served beer, stop and wait. It would have been perfect except the place we stopped could not serve us for 8 minutes as their liquor license did not start until 11 am.  So by the time the beer was almost there, so were Cathy and Simone. So they had to have one too. (Just to stay hydrated you know) By now Cathy was feeling much better after here “grand” night last night.

Ted wanted to find “Hector’s Mom’s place”, which is just off of 5th avenue. Someone had recommended her to Ted. We were successful in finding Hector’s Mom’s place, only to find out that out of the hundreds of shops in the area, Hector’s Mom closes on Sunday to go to church. So Ted will have to go back later to check it out.

After we saw some of the fine international restaurants on 5th avenue, (Such fine cuisine as McDonalds, Burger King, Senior Frogs and Seven 11) we headed back to the hotel.

The cab ride back was interesting as the cab drive wanted to stop to buy some beach balls for his kids. (On instructions from his wife, so he was under the gun) We stopped in the first place, but they had none, so he asked if he could try one more place and we said ok.  (The cab rides are all flat rate, so it did not matter to us) The second place we went to looked interesting (to Cathy and Simone) so they jumped out to go look. The report back was it was a cross between Walmart and Costco.  They were back in the taxi before the drive, who was successful in getting his beach balls, and we continued on to the resort.

Once back, we headed for lunch, and discovered that the ribs here are out of this world good. Going to have to make a meal of them one day. Yum. Then we went off to the pool.

At the pool we brought out Cathy’s snorkel equipment and taught Simone how to snorkel. She is a quick study and had it down pat in less than 10 minutes.  Tomorrow we are off to the beach and will try it there.

Dinner tonight was at the grill restaurant and it was excellent. The service was good, the food was very good and the baileys was very very good.

We decide to go to the lobby bar after dinner and have a drink and decide what to do. We had our drink and the unanimous decision was to go to bed. So we did.

Tomorrows plan is to sleep until we get up, breakfast and to the beach. Sounds like a good day!

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