Mexico Day 13 – Rain – lots of Rain

Today was a pool day. Well that is what we thought when we got up and headed that way. It was nice until about noon, and then the heavens opened; and it rained. Really really hard. Everyone took shelter under one of the pool huts and was going to wait it out. After all, it was still warm, just rainy. After about 30 minutes of rain, I decided to bail out and go back to the room. (I had my […]

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Mexico – Day 12 – Snorkel

We were up early today and had a quick breakfast and then headed to the lobby to catch the transportation to the Snorkel tour. It was a short ride, (25 min) to the beach area where the snorkel tour was run. I was happy to see the national part sign up saying you must wear biodegradable sunscreen, not touch the coral, fish, plants etc.  It looks like they are really trying to preserve the reef. Once we were out in […]

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Mexico – Day 11 – Sail

Pool day today; and booked snorkeling for Tuesday. Simone is going to hang by the pool when we go look at the fish. Mostly just hung around the pool.  I did go and do some more research on the Kindle and ended up ordering it today. Hoping it will be in Vancouver by the time I get home. We went sailing today; Vance; Vangie, Cathy and myself. We had a good wind, not great but enough to move us along […]

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Mexico – Day 9 – Chichen Itza

Well the report on the “Broadway” show from last night was very favorable. Seems like everyone liked it. Although not everyone knew all the songs – I’ll let you guess who that was. Vance and Ted. We were up early today to catch the bus to Chichen Itza. It left the hotel at 7:15 am and we were told it is about a 12-hour day. So we were prepared with a bag lunch, (which was going to be our breakfast) […]

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Mexico 2009 – and now we are six

Today was a sleep in day for me. I did not get up till 10:40, and by that time Cathy, Simone and Ted were already at the pool. Breakfast is over at 10:30, so I had to go to the sports bar and have Nachos for breakfast. Tough life. We had planned to meet in the main lobby at 11:30 so we could greet Vance and Vangie when they arrived, so that is where the treo found me. Vance and […]

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