Mexico – Day 11 – Sail

Pool day today; and booked snorkeling for Tuesday. Simone is going to hang by the pool when we go look at the fish.

Mostly just hung around the pool.  I did go and do some more research on the Kindle and ended up ordering it today. Hoping it will be in Vancouver by the time I get home.

We went sailing today; Vance; Vangie, Cathy and myself. We had a good wind, not great but enough to move us along at a good clip, but not enough to get us anywhere near one pontoon.

We forgot to take a watch with us so we were guessing at how long we were out there. We only had the boat for an hour so we did not want to go over.

Turns out we guessed pretty well. We were back in 0:55 min. – pretty good for landlubbers. Vance and Vangie liked it so much they booked a boat for Wednesday.

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