Mexico – Day 10 – Fondue day

Spent the morning hanging out at the pool where we met a group of women from Regina who were down here celebrating one of the groups 40th birthday. One of the women (Sherry) has an amazing body and great bikini has a Sony Ebook reader and Simone, Vangie and I were asking her a number of questions about it. She told us, during the conversation, that the Amazon Kindle had been released in Canada last week. (Halleluiah! Going to have to order one soon!)

We also found out that Sherry has a new computer that had stopped working. (No screen image) So techie Steve offered to take a look at it later.

We headed down to the beach to see about reserving a catamaran for the afternoon, only to find out that they were all booked up for the day. So we reserved one for tomorrow at 3. There is a good breeze in the afternoon, so it should be fun.

At noon, Ted and Vance went to our room to use my computer to pay for the live webcast of the BC Lions vs. Montreal game. I did not want to give up too much beach/pool time watching a football game, but after they had been gone about 30 minutes I thought I would go up and see how it was going. Glad I did, they could not figure out how to get it set up.

Once we got it going we were able to watch last 3 min of the first quarter and all of the second quarter, at which time we headed to the sports/snack bar for a quick bite to eat. By the time we got back to the room, it was almost the end of the 3rd quarter and the Lions were getting stomped.  About ½ way through the 4th, Vance and Ted headed back to the pool.

I stayed behind and started doing my research on the Kindle. Shortly after I started doing that Sherry showed up with her new Toshiba A300 that was not working. I started working on trying to figure out the problem when everyone else showed up. It was an impromptu party.  It turns out that Sherry’s computer is fubared, and needs to go back to Toshiba. Bummer, it’s only about a month old.

We wrapped up the room party and everyone headed back to their suite to get ready for dinner. We were going to the Le Fondue tonight, the only place we had not been to yet. The food was very good, the fondue dip was cheese, and a tad plain, but the meat and fish were excellent. And the desert was a chocolate fondue with fruit, marshmallows and Oreo cookies. Yum.  The only draw back was the service was slow, and that is the first time we have found this at any of the restaurants here.

Back to our rooms and off to bed. Tomorrow we are going to go sailing and also check in to going snorkeling on Wednesday.

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