Mexico 2009 – Day 1

It seems kind of strange to think we are leaving for Mexico on Friday when we are packed and out the door to the airport on Thursday. I guess that is what you get for leaving on Friday @ 1:30 AM. It sounds like a good idea; you get into Cancun at 9am on Friday morning and have the day to look around the resort. The only caveat is that you must sleep on the plane to make this all work. We did not get a good sleep.

Week one of the trip was Cathy, myself, Ted and Simone, next Friday we are joined by Vance and Vangie.

Once we cleared customs and immigration and ran the gauntlet of time-share sellers at the airport, we made it onto our bus. Only to have to wait for the Connors to show up and get on the bus; we waited and waited. The Connors never showed, so we left the airport without them.

When we arrived at the hotel Cathy and I realized it was one of the hotels that Ron, Brenda, Cathy and myself saw last year and thought, wow that looks nice.

Well it is. The only glitch we had was that the hotel did not have our rooms near each other.  They told us they could try to fix that but we would have to wait till 3:00 to see if they were able.

So, what are we suppose to do for 3 hours? Well the bar is open and we were getting kind of hungry. So off to the bar for ½ an hour to have our fist libation while we waited for the restaurant to open at 12:30 for lunch; we had a plan.

Lunch was good. Simon is happy, they have 6 different types of ice cream and at least 2 types of chocolate cake.

After lunch we all were suffering from lack of sleep. Ted decided he wanted to be explorer man and went off to check out the massive compound that the hotel is on. Cathy and Simon found a nice poolside area to sit and have a beverage. (Staying hydrated you know) and I went and plunked myself right in front of the reservation desk and waited.  I got tired of waiting by 2:00 and went to find out if they had ANY news of getting our rooms changed.  Yes, yes they did. They were able to get us two rooms side by side, but they were still being made up and would not be ready till 2:30. (still better than the fist time by 30 minutes!)

So at 2:30 we set off to find our rooms, unpack our bags and grab a 90 min. snooze. Once the bags had arrived at our rooms, and we noticed that the bar fridge was empty, (that had to be rectified stat) we were able to lie down for a nap. Well it was like someone hit me on the head with a pole-ax. I was out like a light. Thank goodness I set my alarm to get up by 5 pm so we could go for a swim.

Once we got up, we headed off to find a pool, with a pool bar, and go for a swim. Because of the lateness in the day the towel place was closed so I was the only one who went for a swim. Cathy, Simone and Ted sat at the edge of the pool and let their feed dangle in.  Cathy and Simon also found out that in the evening this place has carnivorous flesh eating mosquitoes that really find pasty white female Canadian bodies tasty. After sitting for about 15 min. Cathy has about 14 huge bites on her back. Deep woods off in the evening is now the cologne of choice.

We came back to our room, changed and headed off for dinner just to find out the “theme” for tonight’s dinner was Rum. Ted was happy.

Dinner was very good, a huge variety of choices. We were all much too tired to go off and try and take in any entertainment, even thought there was a live band playing right next door. We did poke our head around the corner only to discover a specialty making coffee stand. (Coffees like Spanish coffee etc) So we just had to have one of those.

Then it was back to the room and off to bed. Zzzzzzzz

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  1. Setting the alarm for a swim? Why that’s the best beach-o-clock idea I’ve evah read. Looking forward to pics of Cathy, Ted, Simone, and yourself at play in the sand and sun. I offer a challenge: Can you top the FB profile pic of you reading in the water?

    PS: FYI: I get lost in the static of some indiscernible background sound effect when I open your blog. Hmmmmm?

  2. The static is rain, scroll down the page and you will see a short video of rain from our trip to Little Corn Island earlier this year. It is set to auto play, I’ll try to fix that.

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