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Category : Mexico

Mexico – Day 3 – Playa del Carmen

The plan for today was to get up early, have breakfast, make reservations at a couple of the ala carte restaurants and then grab a cab to Play del Carmen to look around. Cathy’s favorite things to eat at the all inclusives are the omelets at breakfast, but this was the first time she was not able to finish one. Was it too big? No. Was it not tasty enough? No. Was it because Cathy, Simon and Ted went to […]

Mexico Day 2 – at the pool

Up early for breakfast today; actually had to set the alarm. We wanted to get something to eat before going to our “orientation” session. We miss timed I a bit and were finished breakfast early, so Cathy and Simone went to the hotel jewelry store to do some window-shopping. Ted and I were not that worried as the cash and credit cards were back in the room. J This young English guy hosted the orientation; he was pretty funny and […]

Mexico 2009 – Day 1

It seems kind of strange to think we are leaving for Mexico on Friday when we are packed and out the door to the airport on Thursday. I guess that is what you get for leaving on Friday @ 1:30 AM. It sounds like a good idea; you get into Cancun at 9am on Friday morning and have the day to look around the resort. The only caveat is that you must sleep on the plane to make this all […]