Mexico Day 13 – Rain – lots of Rain

Today was a pool day. Well that is what we thought when we got up and headed that way. It was nice until about noon, and then the heavens opened; and it rained. Really really hard.

Everyone took shelter under one of the pool huts and was going to wait it out. After all, it was still warm, just rainy.

After about 30 minutes of rain, I decided to bail out and go back to the room. (I had my massage booked for 2 and wanted to try out the spa pool.) I did not see one of the shuttle golf carts so I started walking back to the room in the warm monsoon weather. I never got a golf cart. By the time I got to my room, my towel weighed about 5 lbs and I would have been dryer after 30 seconds of getting out of the pool.

We all dried off and met at the sports bar for lunch. I had a quick plate of Nachos and headed to the spa. The hot rock massage was wonderful. I enjoyed that so much that I booked a couples massage for Cathy and I on Thursday.

I was headed back to the room and noticed that the gang was still in the sports bar. Apparently they were happy there drinking rum and coke all afternoon. I joined them. Vance had taken off just before I got to the sports bar as he was heading to the Spa pool and then he was having a pedicure.

We left the Sports bar and headed back to our rooms. We freshened up a bit and then Cathy and I went to the McCarthy’s for a bit before dinner. We were having Italian tonight. Yum.

Pretty fun day for a rainy day in Mexico. (Oh yea, my Kindle was delivered to my office today! Woot!))

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